Who is The Trip Guru?

I’m an Australia business woman with 25 years experience in the Leisure Industry.

Throughout the years I’ve become a bit of a “guru” about travel through personal, business and self-taught experience with organising Bookings and Tours around the world for groups of up to 120 people, accommodation, transport, complex itineraries, travel advice and much more for both business and leisure travellers. The idea of launching the TTG was after the influx of family, friends and associates asking me to book and assist with their travel plans and calling me “The Trip Guru” after saving them thousands of dollars in travel.

I have also learnt many aspects of maximising and learning about frequent flyer points and their various programs, teaching people how to travel the world in Business and First for very little cost and sharing the information so that people can get out and see the world. I have earned and redeemed over 3,000,000 frequent flyer miles (and counting!)

I’ve flown many different airlines around the world firstly as an Economy passenger but nowadays only in Business and First thanks to the knowledge gained over the years! Everything from 1 star to 5 star hotels, visited major cities and off the beaten track destinations, been on major cruise lines and visited more airline lounges than I’d care to remember!

TTG is not a travel agent. I’m an independent travel advisor who’s goal is to assist with booking travel and helping to maximise deals, save money and learn the travel tricks of the trade. For any budget and any type of traveller.

While so many travel blogs and online sites focus on the American market (especially in the world of Miles and Tricks), my goals are helping other travellers who may not have access to offers and knowledge experience the best in travel.

Do I have any affiliations with any of the companies I write about?

Absolutely no. My comments, views and experiences are completely my own and I welcome your comments in return.


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