What are your travel goals for 2018?

Happy New Year to all of you across the globe and hope that this year brings you lots of happy travel memories.

What are your travel goals for this year? Are you visiting any new countries? Staying in a hotel you’ve always wanted to? Trying a new brand of hotel or airline loyalty? Crossing an airport off your list? (and don’t laugh, a lot of us do it!).

2017 was a fairly average year of travel for me with roughly 47,000 miles flown according to Flight memory which I use to track flights. I didn’t visit any new airports, but I did stay in Bangkok for the first time (normally I use it as a transit quite often to Europe).

2018 will see me fly off to Europe in a couple of weeks and I’m excited to be flying Qatar Airways for the very first time; on both the A350 and 787 in Business Class, and I look forward to posting my thoughts about them after the flights. I’m not seeing any new countries or airports in my future travel booked so far, but that may change as the travel year has just started.

In terms of loyalty programs, I’ve maintained Hilton Diamond Status again through paid stays and have been crediting Star Alliance flights to United (however I am thinking of swapping over to Aegean this month). I’ve also been using Etihad Guest more as normally their redemption availability is pretty good. I’m also Gold with SPG and plan to start booking more hotels with them during the year.

What are your travel goals or plans for the year?


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