The most expensive places to eat in the world

Traveling around the world is an experience not to be missed. So whilst you are on this adventure, there’s no better time to splurge on a treat for yourself and dine at one of the best and most luxurious restaurants you’ll ever see! Here are our top pics of the most expensive places to eat in the world. Is your mouth watering yet?

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant – Maldives
Part of the Conrad Hotels and Resorts family, The New York Daily heralds this restaurant as the ‘most beautiful restaurant in the world’. A big call, but understandable when you see where you will be dining. Five meters under the water and you are encased in a glass dining room with 180-degree panoramic views. Combine this experience with a 6 course set dinner menu of contemporary European cuisine as you are bound to float to the surface. So if you’d like to dine in an aquarium, this would be your best bet!CN_ithaaresttbls_5_750x350_FitToBoxSmallDimension_Center

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Restaurant le Meurice – Paris
Not surprising that a restaurant in Paris would make this list – Restaurant le Meurice is everything you would expect from French art, history, design and cuisine. Chandeliers, mirrors marbles and frescoes surround you and you dine on what they call ‘artifice free’ cuisine, which is basically food that tastes amazing, with out too much frou-frou. Matching wines and even a chef’s table make this a pretty special experience.002837-15-Gastronomic-Restaurant-le-Meurice

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Masa – New York

Japanese cuisine in the heart of New York…..expensive Japanese cuisine in the heart of New York! Chef Masa (Masayoshi Takayama) has come from humble beginnings and worked his way up to now own and run one of the most expensive and sought after Japanese restaurants in the world. The Masa restaurant is stated as a blank canvas so the real star – the food – shines through. This aesthetic is called Shibui – simple, subtle and unobtrusive beauty. 0d83e4fa32610bc08c18e2118b904f84

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Misoguigawa – Osaka
As the Japanese indeed do wonderful tings with food, no wonder there is another Japanese restaurant on this list – but Misoguigawa is considered more of a French/Japanese fusion rather than purely traditional Japanese. They have restaurants in Osaka, Kobe, and Koyoto, but the multiple locations don’t make this dinning experience any less exclusive. An ever-changing seasonal menu keeps this interesting whilst you can dine in various Japanese rooms on the premises. 8852408_orig

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Gordon Ramsay – London
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will know the name Gordon Ramsay, and even though his television personality may be something not to be desired, he still is one of the most successful restaurateurs in the world. His flagship store in London is one of the best and most pricey affairs to hit Chelsea since he opened it in 1998. The food – amazing, wine – crazy expensive (up to $18,000 a bottle for the good stuff!) he probably wont be there cooking for you as he is a terribly busy man these days, but you’ll still get a wonderful dining experience all round.gordon_ramsay_at_the_London_Interior

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Sublimotion – Ibiza
More known as an island to party than for fine dining, the Sublimotion restaurant is sooooooo exclusive they’ll only let you in 12 at a time.  Not only that, the design and decor is astoundingly modern with light installations, sleek lines, smooth white surfaces and the whole experience is engineered as a gastronomic show for your five senses, rather than just going out to fancy diner.  Definitely something to be experienced! sub

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Tim Raue – berlin
Recently touted as Berlin’s best chef, again, Tim Raue’s restaurant in Kreuzberg is a beautiful restaurant with small but luxurious food on big flat plates.  Inside, its urban modern décor is a nice change to some of the more decadent interiors on this list, and the food is a modern Asian inspired cuisine with lost of perks, like only working with lactose free dairy products and not using white sugar. Sure tastes good though!sra-bua-by-tim-raue-hotel

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Restaurant Crissier – Switzerland
Within the De L’Hotel De Ville in Switzerland, this up-market restaurant run by husband and wife team, Brigitte and Benoit, is up there on everyone’s list as the place to eat when in the Alps. These guys love to find you the best produce in Switzerland and neighboring France to then create a modern version of traditional cuisine to awaken your senses! Sounds rather exciting doesn’t it!? Over 40 years and three head chefs, this place has become legendary.restaurants-hotel-_3524786b

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Beige – Tokyo
Set lunch and dinner menus at restaurant Beige in Tokyo, offer a tailored menu to suit most tastes, with a vast wine selection that naturally, match your particular menu. Simple and elegant in both décor and cuisine, this is French food made with Japanese ingredients. Founded through an unusual collaboration through Chanel fashion brand and Alain Ducasse Enterprise, this top restaurant is much sought after in the fashion and cuisine world in big city of Tokyo.  bei-065

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With thanks TTG Contributor Charmaine for this article


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