Top 5 Best Hidden Beaches in Europe

It’s almost summer time in Europe when many tourists from around the world escape their cooler climate and want to enjoy the sun. Many travellers love relaxing on a beach so here’s our guide to the best hidden Beaches in Europe.
Anyone can go to the main beaches in Europe on holiday, lay down your towel and stay for the day, but the places that are a little more exciting to laze about on, are the ones that are a touch harder to get to. Time to visit the tucked away secret and exquisite beaches that you can’t see from your hotel door or main road.

Zlatni Rat beach – Croatia


4 kilometres from the town of Bol, on Brac Island, the most perfect panicle of sand beaches far out into the Adriatic Sea. This is, hands down, the best beach in Croatia. Why? Well lets start with its originality. No boring left to right strip of horizon here. This half a kilometre beach is in the form of a point, which changes shape and size according to the tide and high winds. One side is perfect for families or couples, with deck chairs and umbrellas to rent if you feel you want to get up of the sand, access to portable kiosks for food and drink, showers and even an on beach waiter that comes from a café nearby. There are larger restaurants and cafes really close by but if you want to spend the entire day there, go claim your spot and take a good supply of food and drink, helps save the pennies too when you bring your won picnic.
If you are up for a nude swim, the upper west side of the cove is especially for nudists. They don’t bite, but be aware if you want to be on that side of the island, bets get your gear off and watch where you point you….camera.
Also known around town as the Golden Horn, the water is clear and clean and fresh. It’s easy to see why people stay here the entire day. Put this one on your list people!

Calo des Moro – Mallorca

Mallorca’s best kept secret is not so much a secret when thousands of people know about it – but, you can’t deny the size and location of this beach makes it still feel like it is hidden away from the rest of the world. Therefore, it’s still a secret to those who aren’t there when you are.
In the South East of Mallorca, six kilometres from Santanyi, is the breathtaking Calo des Moro. Only 30 metres long as 20 metres wide, the crystal waters sit between two rock cliff faces. Shallow for quite a long distance into the sea, these waters are great for snorkelling. Warning, it can get busy, as the secret is well and truly out, but its worth pursing a visit for the sheer beauty and locality. No restaurants, cafes, chair or umbrella hire, or loos, this is a cove within nature and they want to keep it that way. Its not even well sign posted how to get there from the main road! Follow your nose and search for the path.

Virgin Islands Creek Brittany – France


A steep and impressive nature trail will take you directly to this small and shallow beach in the Virgin Islands. Known sometimes as the Point of Saint Hernot, this area is definitely not one you’d think of as traditional French countryside. It’s located right on the coastline and has a very Mediterranean feel. Clear waters, that don’t get deep till you pass the coast line, jagged cliffs and rocks, caves to wander through, sounds like a little bit of heaven.

Head there for the day and feel yourself rejuvenated and ready for another day of indulging in croissants and baguettes from the old town.

Isola Bella – Italy


This pebble beach is another skinny point beach that is protected by the mountains of the bay in Taormina. Secluded but easily accessible by bus or cable car, it is surrounded by coves and rocky grottos to explore. Bright blue water make it perfect for lazing the whole day in the water, but best take some swimming shoes to protect your feet from the rocks.

Open all year round, bathing season seems to be longer here than anywhere else, climate, daylight hours and a high number of tourists seems to be the catalyst for this, but who’s complaining!? No facilities to speak of but being so easy to get to, you are not far away from what ever you may need.

Navagio – Greece


Hidden within the North-West of Zakynthos Island, this spectacular beach is also known as Smugglers Cove as it hosts the shipwreck called Panagiotis on its shore. If the fact that there will be a ruddy great big rusty shipwreck in the middle of your beach doesn’t grab you enough, go for the cliffs that surround it.  Standing on the beach you may feel like slightly shipwrecked yourself, apart from the fact you got yourself there and are leaving again at the end of the day.

White sand, limestone cliffs and a ship skeleton from 1983 Makes this is an absolutely stunning location for a trip to the beach, as its not just any beach, it’s a real gem.

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With thanks to The Trip Guru’s contributor writer Charmaine for this great write-up


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