Want a Status Match to Hilton? Here’s How

Hilton are once again offering a Status Match from other hotel loyalty programs to their HHonors program.

So if you have status with SPG, IHG, Club Carlson, Marriott or a few others it’s certainly worth a try.

I have tested it out with a couple of friends who held Platinum Status with IHG by filling out the form HERE and within 48 hours they were matched to HHonors Diamond status which is the highest status Hilton offers (apart from Lifetime Diamond). I also know a few people who are SPG Gold and have been matched to HHonors Gold.

Diamond status isn’t as good as was a few years ago but you still gain Executive Lounge access, upgrades where available, bonus points and a few other benefits.

I personally think Hilton is making a mistake by offering status to other member’s programs. This is the 2nd time in recent months they have offered this promotion and the amount of people that have been matched to Diamond without ever having stayed at a Hilton property before is disappointing for the genuine Diamond and Gold members who earn status by stays, nights and points. More Diamond’s means less chance of upgrades for those genuine members, and realistically if you are a high tier with SPG chances are you will rarely give your business to the Hilton portfolio.

In any case, for those rare occasions where your current hotel loyalty program doesn’t have a hotel in that city, then having status with Hilton can be handy and certainly worth a go.

The sign up link is allowing people to apply until June, however I think they’ll pull the offer before that so get in quick. You will need to upload a screenshot of your current hotel status AND a past reservation/receipt showing proof a previous booking with your current loyalty program.

Let us know if you get the match and from what program/tier you matched from.

Check out Hilton Hotels worldwide here



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