Top 6 Places you need to visit in 2016


Can’t decide where to travel in 2016? We can help you with that! Our Top 6 places to visit in 2016 is our list of where you should head. Jump in at the deep end and tackle the places you may never get to again. Volcanoes, music and cars, bike trails, sun and sand, good coffee and street parties, this top 6 has it all.



Heads up bike lovers! The New Zealand government has just spent more than $80 million developing something exciting called “The New Zealand Cycle trail”. In 2016, 32 cycling routes will open for either single day, or multiple day biking adventures across NZ countryside. What an absolutely brilliant way to see this fantastic country.

However, we know that NZ is not just for those comfortable on two wheels. How about those who like to balance on two pieces of thin laminated wood? Yes skiers I’m talking to you. One of the best countries for skiing and snowboarding is New Zealand. Broken Rover, Mount Lyford, Craigieburn, Treble Cone, Mount Hutt and Cardrona, are the top pics for ski season. Also big on bungee jumping, wine tasting, whale watching or visiting the ‘Lord of the Rings’ movie location, this home to the All Blacks Rugby team is definitely on the list of places to see in 2016.
No matter where you go: Auckland to Queenstown, to Wellington and all the beautiful places in between, New Zealand will definitely get you going. And the best thing for Australians? Just a short flight across the pond!

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Why Cuba? Because things there are about to get a whole lot different.
For the past few years Cuba has seen a small rise in tourists, but its about to get a whole lot busier since the US government announced the re opening of the US Embassy in Havana. This is good news for the relationship between the two countries and can only bode well for the countries economy. But this means that if you want to see The Republic of Cuba before any great changes, go soon and experience the old Cuba.
Wander down the harbour in Havana, visit the crumbling facades in Trinidad, or walk through the country’s first capital, Baracoa. This amazing historic country can seem like its falling down around you, but the locals remain friendly and open, celebrating life with music, dancing, wine and cigars in a feeling of yesteryear to ignite your nostalgia.  Visiting Cuba right now is an opportunity not to be missed.



Even though in the year 2015, Iceland had over 1 million visitors, not many people have Iceland in their top 3 places in the world to see.  It either feels unreachable to some, uncomfortably cold to others. The truth is Iceland is a hidden gem in terms of hotspots for tourists, and it’s growing considerably every year. Get on this train people and see this spectacular country!
Iceland has a great indie music scene and good nightlife,

but the most striking thing about Iceland is the ever-changing landscape. Hot springs, mountains and volcanoes, vast plains and waterfalls, this place is a feast for your eyes. Naturally the country’s capital, Reykjavik, is the most visited destination in Iceland. It boasts a 300-kilometer tour called the ‘Golden Circle’. A big draw card for visitors, well, its not like you can get to those sulphur spitting volcanoes on your own now is it?

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Ok, lets talk about the elephant in the room – Brazil will be hosting the 2016 Olympic games! Rio De Janeiro will be practically exploding with excitement whilst this international sporting event is on. It is going to be thrilling. Get yourself there to party with the Olympic supporters!
If you are not inclined to deal with the crowd though, take heart, there’s always Carnival!! This is a massive celebration of fun, love, dance, feathers and beads. It’s perhaps not on the scale of the shenanigans that will occur whilst the Olympics are on, but still, South America does know how to throw a party. Rio De Janeiro is the Carnival capital of the world, so get yourself invited!

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Sweden? Really? Yes really! Stockholm, the county’s capital, would have to be one of the coolest cities in Europe this year and you’ll missing out on a whole heap of trendy, hipster modern retro-ness if you pass on this one.
Made up of a bunch of islands, Stockholm is a trendy but laid back alternative to some of the more lively cities n Europe to visit. Of course you can still go out and have a good time here but the vibe is a bit more chilled than your average party city.

Stockholm has a wicked arts scene and boasts 8 Michelin starred restaurants, so with that in mind you are bound to get a good meal, even if its not at €200 a plate. Head a little further out to the island of Södermalm and its even cooler. Believe me, you will want to shop and laze about drinking coffee in cafes, people watch in the parks, trawl though flea markets or catch a live music gig and a trendy bar drinking fabulous drinks. This is the place to be and be seen.

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If you haven’t already been to one of the most picturesque parts of the world, then you’re really missing out.

The Côte d’Azur often known in English as the French Riviera, is the Mediterranean coastline of the southeast corner of France, also including the sovereign state of Monaco. There is no official boundary, but it is usually considered to extend from the Italian border (Italian Riviera) in the east to Saint-Tropez, Hyères, Toulon, or Cassis in the west.

With the popular Monte Carlo Grand Prix in late May, the Cannes Film Festival, the Sporting Festival in July/August which has some of the biggest names in Music perform; as well as an array of other things to do throughout the year, it is a brilliant destination to town hop and enjoy the sun and scenery.

Don’t forget to visit Ventimiglia, the first town over the French Border in Italy for it’s popular Friday market and much cheaper accommodation. Read all about The Trip Guru’s guide to Ventimiglia here.


With thanks to The Trip Guru Contributor Charmaine for this article



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