Love staying in Hotels? Buy their products online

Staying in high end hotels can be a most satisfying experience. The design and the décor, the quality of the linen and soft furnishings, and of course, the room service, are top notch. Spending time at a hotel is an experience that is, for a lot of people, different than it is at home. Well, you may be happy to know that you can buy all these wonderful things for your own home, direct from the hotel itself and often with discount and other offers only available online!

Here is a list of the top places to buy your hotel brand luxuries.


Shop Marriott sells all those yummy skincare and toiletries from Thann and Acca Kappa that you find in a Marriott bathroom. Then there the linen, plus two versions of the Marriott Bed, the EU and the UK, take your pick!


There are lots of Hilton goodies available at the Hilton Home online shop. Along with their famous bed of course, they also stock all the skin care products and their tasty Hilton morning coffee blend.


The Westin store is a very special place, for you and your pooch! Not only can you buy the Westin Heavenly bed, but you can also purchase a Heavenly Dog Bed to match. They also stock their luxurious White Tea room fragrance line and White Tea amenities.


Fluffy robes, bath towel and other bathroom accessories complete the bed and bedding options from Collect Renaissance. There is also the uniquely designed Wobble chess set. Definitely a distinctive piece to remember your time at the Renaissance Hotel.


Along with the popular Ritz Carlton bed and bedding accessories for sale here, at the Ritz Carlton shop you can also find a beautiful selection of glassware. Vases, bowls, platters, wine, martini and highball glasses are on showcase, and an amazing selection of lamps.


At the Sheraton Store you can purchase the exclusively designed Simmons bed and all that goes with it. In the bathroom department even your shower can feel like the ones you took while you were staying there with the Sheraton shower head, shower curtain and more!

With thanks to The Trip Guru Contributor Charmaine for this article


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