5 Travel Apps You Need to Have

A question I get asked quite regularly is the type of travel apps I use while at home or on the road. So many of us use our smart phones or tablets for just about everything these days, that these 5 Apps are probably the ones I use the most and would recommend for any type of Business or Leisure Traveller.

1. Award Wallet

What is Award Wallet? Pretty much one of my most used Apps that keeps track (hourly) of all the balances of my Frequent Flyer Accounts. Everything from Airline program, Hotel programs, Survey programs…pretty much anything that gives you points and mles. You have multiple family members in the one account, and it also tells you your program status and expiry dates. You can save all your account numbers and password within it, or download them in one file to your computer.

For first time users of Award Wallet, you can use my coupon code to upgrade to Award Wallet Plus. It is only valid for the first 10 users who use the link, so hopefully it will go to good use for some of you!

What I like: The way it keeps track of all my balances

What I don’t like: If I’m doing a real time update of ALL my accounts at once it does take a few minutes to process


2. FlightTrack

I would think the title of this app is pretty self explanatory. It keeps track of your flights. Simply type in either your flight number or search by airline/route/airport/ and it will save the information for you. One of the reasons I love this App is that in real time it will update itself against airport flight boards and will tell you if it’s running on time, or what time it will actually depart and arrive at your destination. Makes it handy if you have people waiting for you at the other end or you need to reschedule transport etc. You can also use it to follow someone’s flight in real time and see it’s stats while it’s in the air.

What I like: Being able to add all my upcoming flights into one app and even checking past trips

What I don’t like: Seeing red. Which means the flight is running late! I don’t particularly like the blue/white colour scheme but that’s personal preference.


3. Booking.com

Booking.com is probably the biggest hotel booking site in the world these days. With it’s easy to read interface, it literally takes seconds to search for accommodation right around the world, view pictures, read reviews, check rates and save your favourites. The ability to book via the App is also fantastic and create a profile. Booking.com often has lower rates than many other sites and I’m finding I’m using it much more these days.

What I like: Ease of use and how quick it runs.

What I don’t like: Remembering to sign in to get the Genius discounts (extra discounts for repeat customers).


4. Uber

The transport system sweeping the globe. If you haven’t used Uber you really must. See in real time on the map where the cars are and how long it will be (different cities around the world have different type of Uber services available), order, pay, leave a review, see driver ratings, track. It is one of the best travel things to happen in the last decade.

You can read my in depth guide on how to use Uber HERE

If you haven’t signed up to Uber yet click HERE to get $10 off your first ride.

What I like: You can see in real time how long the driver will be and being able to pay in advance on my credit card

What I don’t like: Not much! I have to say Uber have got a great App.


5. Flyertalk

Talking about travel Apps wouldn’t mean much if I didn’t include the App/Site that started it all for me almost 10 years ago.

Flyertalk is the biggest online Frequent Flyer forum community in the world. Learn and discuss pretty much everything got to do with Points, Miles, Airlines, Hotels, Destinations, Different types of travel, Blogs, Travel News…the list goes on.

I don’t use the desktop version of Flyertalk much these days and read everything instead via the App. Internet Brands that own Flyertalk really need to update the App as there are loads of problems with it, however in it’s basic form it is ok to read the information. Flyertalk has a variety of users, from absolute beginners to the very experienced, opinionated and passionate! If you want something to read while you’re on the road, I highly recommend it. And you’ll definitely learn a few things.

What I like: People online 24/7 so if you have a question you’re guaranteed to get a response really quickly. It’s also a great community feel with plenty of sub forums on every aspect of travel you can think of.

What I don’t like: The interface. It’s clunky, photos take a while to show up and many of the features available on the web version don’t work on the App.


Honourable Mentions:

Some of the other Travel Apps I find usual are:

  • Hilton
  • Kayak
  • Skyscanner
  • Xe (Currency)
  • Momondo
  • Trip Advisor

What travel Apps are you using?


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