The World’s Most Ridiculous Airport Names….as voted by me!

Looking at upcoming flights and being a travel nerd, I know all the airport codes off by heart. Friends in particular must think I’m a weirdo when doing their travel bookings when they say things like “We are flying from Charles Kingsford Smith Airport Sydney to John F Kennedy Airport New York”. To us travel nuts…that’s SYD and JFK.

But that got me thinking tonight with all my upcoming travel plans over the next few months as I was looking over the airports and flight times.

Why are some airport’s named the way they are? And what do the “locals” call them?

Back home here in Australia it’s probably common if you’re flying from “Melbourne Tullamarine Airport” to just tell people that you’re flying to/from “Tulla” as the locals call it. And if you’re flying to/from Avalon my first common question to ask is “Did you actually mean to fly into Avalon?!”. Brisbane International is even nicknamed “Brissy”by the locals.

So what are some really ridiculous airport names? And I’m talking the ones I groan at when I’m looking at my upcoming bookings.

Here’s my Top 10.

1. Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport: Named by a King and it means “Golden Kingdom”. I still can never wrap my tongue around trying to get the words out.

2. Useless Loop Airport:  Located in the Shark Bay Region of Western Australia…the name is indeed just “useless”.

3. Phu Cat Airport: In the Vietnam city Qui Nhơn (of which I can’t pronounce that either). Personally not a fan of a Poo Cat

4. Gobernador Horacio Guzmán International Airport: JuJuy Argentina. What would I say? I’m flying into Gob? Off to the Gobernador….or it also sounds like Terminator. Whoever Mr Guzman was let’s not be too upset with him. After all he had to live with the name Gobernador personally.

5. Bologna-Borgo Panigale “Guglielmo Marconi” Airport: Italy: Yes that’s its full name. As Italians do, they seem to keep adding friend’s and relatives to the name so no-one gets offended. It’s actually a great and efficient airport. Whatever you do just don’t call it “BO-LOG-NAR” (The G is silent).

6. Rome-Fiumicino “Leonardo da Vinci” Airport Italy: I’m adding this in because I truly don’t like this airport at all. I don’t like the name, I don’t like the smelly toilets and lounges, I don’t like having to keep checking that my luggage hasn’t been stolen right in front of me, and I don’t like the premium prices taxi charge after they’ve basically done the Grand Prix on the Motorway taking you to it. If Leonardo da Vinci was still alive today, I would have hoped he would have painted a giant mural so it least it would take away the ugliness of which is “Fiumi”. Rome Airport would more than suffice. No-one flies from the other two anyway.

7. Beaverlodge Airport: Alberta, Canada: Anything with the word Beaver in it’s title gets my vote!

8. Paris-Charles de Gaulle Roissy Airport: France. There is nothing worse than 5 min airport announcements welcoming you to their airport with it’s full name…Some locals call it Charles de Gaulle, others Roissy, others use the entire phrase which frankly is just too long. To make it easier I just use the IATA code which is CDG.

9. Moron Airport: Mongolia. Need I say more?

10. Fak Fak Airport. Indonesia. Who comes up with these names? Are they all giggling in their board rooms about how unsuspecting tourists will be caught off guard saying this quickly?! Downright RIDICULOUS!

What are some of your favourites? Let us know


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