Destinations that are good value for Australians to travel to (against the Aussie dollar)

The days of Australians being able to travel to the U.S.A and get more than a dollar to dollar value seems like so long ago. And let’s not talk about how bad the British Pound has been for many years (current rates are almost double for Aussie’s).

With what was the “yearly holiday” becoming much more frequent for lots of people these days (cheap fares to Asia among other places are a real favourite with Australian travellers, who are finding it cheaper to do two shorter trips overseas per year for still less than what it would cost to stay within Australian itself!), there are some destinations around the world that you’ll still be getting fairly decent value from against the failing Australian dollar.

Visit Southern Europe: 

The Euro has picked up in recent months and while the exchange rate may still shock you, there are countries within Europe with very weak economies where your travel dollar will go much further. Italy, Portugal, Greece and Spain are just some of the countries where you can stay in some brilliant accommodation or Five Star hotels for very little cost. Add into that excellent train travel and food to suit all budgets and there are some real pluses to holidaying in some of the most beautiful parts of the world.

Visit New Zealand:

The NZ dollar has dropped and has dragged the Aussie dollar down a bit on international money markets. In current circumstances, the Australian dollar is worth in Kiwi, what the US is worth in Aussie. Cross the ditch and feel rich.

Visit Brazil:

The Aussie dollar is doing very well and with major sporting events coming up there as well as the annual Carnivale it makes it an attractive place to visit and one that many have thought about for some time.

Visit Croatia:

With many types of accommodation, fantastic beaches, cultures and major cities; Croatia is one of the most popular holiday destinations for European travellers. The Australian dollar is up 10% when spending there, and with the prices of hotels and activities being on the cheap side to start with, you certainly get value for money here.

Visit Eastern Europe:

Romania and Hungary in particular are two beautiful destinations to visit, steeped in history and culture. Five star lodging here will set you back often less than $100 per night and internal flights to other parts of Europe are cheap (sometimes even around the $30 one way mark!). Yes you may be in Europe, but again you can choose your budget depending on your travel needs and have a wonderful time for very little cost.

Visit Vietnam:

A country which was once a “secret” cheap destination has become more popular in recent years for Aussie’s thanks to cheap flights from Australia, accommodation to suit all budgets and type of travellers ($9 a night in places!), and street food you can feast on for less than $2 a day. Gone are the days when people would fly off to Singapore or Hong Kong for 5 days to relax and shop; now they are going to Vietnam to do all that and more……and stay a month for the same price!

What destinations do you think are good for the Aussie dollar from your experience?


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