Buy Miles. US Airways and AAdvantage Promo AGAIN! A useful post for first time miles novices

Only a couple of days since the last promo finished (of which I honestly thought we wouldn’t see one for quite a while until the full merger of the programs had been completed) US Airways Dividend Miles and American Airlines AAdvantage Program have released yet another promotional offer to buy miles and receive a bonus which finishes on the 3rd March.

I am a big fan of both programs, however availability from Australia (unless you are prepared for some crazy routing, flexibility and creative thinking!) is becoming harder to come by. is a great way to travel Business or First Class at usually a third of the price if you were to purchase via an airline site or booking engine. I find the best value for either program is to redeem to Europe, Asia or the U.S.A, as well as a fantastic redemption rate from North Asia to Europe. 

The bonus for both programs looks like this.

20,000-39,000 miles = 7,000 more bonus miles
40,000-59,000 miles = 15,000 more bonus miles
60,000-74,000 miles = 23,000 more bonus miles
75,000-100,000 miles = 30,000 more bonus miles

The best value is to purchase 75,000 miles as you will get a 40% bonus

Both airlines normally charge 2.95 cents per mile plus 7.5% in taxes, and a $30 processing fee. So if you take into account the 10% discount for purchasing miles by February 9, 2015 you’ll end up paying $2,170.59 for 105,000 miles which is a cost of ~2.07 cents per mile. These prices are in US Dollars, so keep that in mind also as the exchange rate isn’t very good for Australians at the moment.

So what can you do with Miles? With USDM as an example the following….

120,000 miles will get you Australia to Europe in Business return

150,000 miles from Australia to Europe in First class return

90,000 miles from Singapore to Europe in Business return

80,000 miles from Hong Kong to Europe in Business return

There are many other routes and options also.

Accounts must be open for 12 days with US and 14 days with AA before you can purchase miles, so you have time to open an account before the promo ends. I would recommend opening a USDM account first, as there seems to be a glitch often with new accounts still not being able to purchase with AA even after the 14 days have passed (though USDM always works).

If you need any help with the programs or understanding how to purchase and how to redeem, The Trip Guru is here to help so just send me a message or email.


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