Travel Goals for 2015: Destinations, Miles and more!

At the start of every year I sit down and plan the next 12 months of the many things that need my attention: Work, Family, Clients, Staffing, Schedules, Training….and then look and see where and when the travel plans will be occurring.

Travel from Australia whether for Business or Leisure is never an easy task. I envy friends, family and colleagues in Asia, Europe and the U.S.A who within an hour can be in another country and soaking up new experiences. The closest for us is New Zealand (which at 3 1/2 hours flying time is still a fair distance and not a place I have any need to re-visit).

Every year I like to tick off another couple of new countries to my list (for work or fun) as well as new airports and planes. In 2014 I visited The Netherlands and Germany for the first time with Amsterdam, Venice, Bologna, Bangkok being the new airports. I flew Thai and Lufthansa for the first time and got my miles balance to a respectable enough amount after redeeming way more than I’d like to admit (but happily never so silly to redeem on a toaster!).

So travel goals and plans for 2015?

I’ll be visiting 2 new Greek Islands, flying Cathay Pacific’s new Business on 4 legs Internationally, Qantas’s new Business on the A330, Going on the Eurostar, Visiting Dubai for the first time and hoping to maintain Platinum with Velocity as well as a couple of other tiers with other airlines. I’d also like to shout my parents a long haul trip using points to either the USA or Europe. I’ll also be visiting London and Paris for Business and visiting new airports like Dubai and Thessaloniki.

Other goals include: Doing a desert safari in the U.A.E (and I am so not the adventure type!), Writing as many trip reports as possible, and helping people to embrace new experiences and plan their travel.

And though it’s not a “goal” I will be watching with interest when US Airways and American Airlines frequent flyer programs both properly merge later in the year.

My ultimate travel goal but I doubt it will happen this year is to stay at The Burj Al Arab in Dubai. I think we’ve settled on staying at Atlantis The Palm for this time around, but one can only dream…..Oh and staying in the Etihad Residence…but that will probably never happen unless they drop the points value in a big way!

BUT most importantly for myself, my family and friends and to all of you reading…is SAFE TRAVEL wherever you are in the world and wherever you’re planning to go.

What are your travel plans for this year?


3 thoughts on “Travel Goals for 2015: Destinations, Miles and more!

  1. I’ve booked SIA suites this year (can’t wait) SYD-SIN-ZRH//CDG-SIN-HKG, CX J HKG-CNS Not sure where we are visiting yet. Think Dubronivic & Greece 🙂


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