5 Travel Destinations to visit in 2015

Panama City

Mention Panama and the first thing people think of is The Panama Canal which has just turned 100 years old. Panama is a happening city with skyscrapers towering for miles along its coastline and is also rich with history. When it comes to adventure, Panama’s got it, from tropical rain forests to mountains to miles of ocean. 


When you’re done exploring the wild outdoors and historic ruins of pirate battles, Panama City offers luxury hotels, shopping, great restaurants and more. Panama City has an ever changing skyline. Head over to Casco Viejo, the Old Quarter, and you can see the government buildings, including the Presidential Palace (the Panamanian White House), walk through narrow streets with old buildings on one side, and brand new construction on the other. You can also have dinner at a number of great restaurants. Panama uses the US dollar, so while not a great deal with AU dollar at the moment, Panama is a cheap destination and your money will definitely go far.


Uruguay woke up in a big way in 2013 when it became a household topic as the first country in the world to legalize marijuana. It was yet another progressive move by the South American nation — gay marriage, making this small nation of just 3.4 million something of a talking point.

uruguay volunteer programs

It is the most gay-friendly country in Latin America, showcasing an eclectic arts scene (tiny tango bars and old theaters), bustling nightlife (beachfront discos), and hillside vineyards. For tourists it offers a warm and friendly vibe, a great choice of accommodation to suit all budgets and a buzzing atmosphere at any time of day. Oh and a warning…they are Football crazy!


Though it has had difficult times over the last few years (thanks to city riots and a tumbling economy) Athens truly is one of the greatest destinations in the world for a tourist to visit.

With some of the world’s most incredible historical sites within the city and it’s outskirts, Athens is easy to get around thanks to an easy metro system and the ability to hire a car and see the city for yourself.


Incredible food at all hours of the day and 5 star hotels that would cost a fortune in any other major city, Athens also has a fantastic live music scene (especially during summer when visiting artists head across to the Greek Islands and often do shows in Athens and it’s suburbs).

The marina area near Piraeus has a huge selection of cafes and bars and incredible views of the Aegean, and if you’re in the market to buy property; Athens real estate is a real bargain for investors looking to have a holiday home in Europe.

The Trip Guru is a huge fan of Athens and highly recommends it as a safe city to travel to.


Where you ask? Just a tiny hidden gem on the Italian side of the French Riviera “Twenty miles” from the border of France.

Just 45mins from Nice Airport and 30min drive along the coast to Monte Carlo, Ventimiglia is well known to those that live in parts of France and Italy due to it’s huge Friday market that runs along the beach foreshore.


With a quiet township, lots of shops and cafes, easy to walk around and a train station that connects you to France and everywhere in Italy, it is very popular during the F1 season when hotels in Monaco become way overpriced. During summer local DJ’s play on the beach and families are seen enjoying the beach area all day long.

The Trip Guru visits Ventimiglia every year and loves that you truly feel like a local when you’re staying there. (and the prices for accommodation and food are very cheap for this part of the world!).

Abu Dhabi

When people think of the United Arab Emirates, “Dubai” normally springs to mind, but when you have one of the world’s best airlines (Etihad) and plenty of short connections from Europe and even Asia to get to it, Abu Dhabi should be on your list at least once. Not as “blingy” as Dubai or touristy, it a great place to visit not just as a short stopover.

The months of June through September are generally extremely hot and humid with maximum temperatures averaging above 38 °C (100 °F). During this time, sandstorms occur intermittently, in some cases reducing visibility to a few meters. The cooler season is from November to March, which ranges between moderately hot to cold. This period also sees dense fog on some days. On average, January is the coolest month in the year, while July and August are the hottest.

Abu Dhabi houses the usual malls as well as a chance to do desert safaris and has a rich and proud culture as evident when visiting The Grand Mosque. The Yas Marina area is also home to the F1 Grand Prix, has Ferrari world, many hotels, bars and restaurants.


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