Trip Report: Thai Airways A380 Business Class Bangkok to Frankfurt

This flight was part of a trip from Singapore to Europe return in June using US Dividend Miles (90,000 miles plus taxes per person) booked when they were still a member of Star Alliance.
The trip included the following flights all in Business Class
Singapore to Bangkok (Thai Airways)
Bangkok to Frankfurt (Thai Airways)
Frankfurt to Venice ( Lufthansa)
Athens to Frankfurt (Aegean)
Frankfurt to Bangkok (Thai Airways)
Bangkok to Singapore (Singapore Airlines)

I will cover some of the other flights in upcoming posts so stay tuned!
This was my first time after many years of flying on the A380. I had looked over the options from flying to Europe to ensure I’d be on the whale (which sometimes is difficult as Thai are renowned for swapping aircraft at the last minute) but there was plenty of availability to Frankfurt (one of only a handful of destinations their A380 flies to). Fingers crossed!
By logging into Thai Airways website before the flight I was able to pre-select our seats and also pre-book the main meals (which out of Bangkok were just horrid….much better leaving from Frankfurt).Arriving into Bangkok from the previous flight was easy. There was about 90 mins transit time between the two which sounds like a lot, as I’d hoped to visit the Thai Lounge and get a complimentary massage of which we didn’t have time for as that particular lounge was nowhere near our departing gate.

Thai Airways A380 at the gate
This particular flight leaves at almost midnight, with a flight time of roughly 10 1/2 hours, so I was looking forward to making good use of the flat bed and having a late dinner.
Cabin views
Love being able to watch the flight taking off via the Entertainment system.

Thai’s Business Class cabin are slowly been outfitted to this new design across all their fleet. For anyone that has flown with Etihad before (one of my favourite Business class products) the seats were made by the same designers, so I knew I would have a comfortable sleep.

The middle seats or the “honeymoon” configuration which are closer together every second row are ideal for couples travelling together. I certainly wouldn’t wish these seats if you don’t know your neighbour next to you as your body and feet can certainly touch at times! The other bonus is that the shelf is either to the left or right of you (depending on which seat you’re in) so there is literally no chance of being hit by a passing trolley or passenger walking through the aisle. If you’re in the middle section but not in the honeymoon configuration the shelf is on the side of your neighbour to give you more privacy. Problem with that is that you may be knocked by activity from the aisle.

Upon arrival we were offered a choice of drinks (water, juice or champagne), some nuts, a hot towel and choice of international newspapers. Menus, blankets, noise cancelling headphones and the very cute Porsche amenity kit were already on the seat. (On the return leg it was a different brand kit)

The crew throughout the entire flight were friendly and pro-active and a lovely touch that they change uniforms after the flight has taken off.

They took meal orders straight away, including the breakfast service closer to arrival. As we had pre-ordered our main meal, they did confirm this choice with us.

Apologies for the photos but I only take a few from the flights and all from an iPhone as not to attract attention from people who think it’s weird!

There was nothing kind to say about anything during the main meal service. My travel partner didn’t eat anything but a bread roll and I picked at the meat and potatoes before deciding similar (We had pre-ordered the steak).

The salad was limp, the main meal had a terrible taste and looked like an old shoe and the dessert was worse than something you’d pick up from the frozen section of a supermarket. All in all very disappointing with the catering out of Bangkok.

Thai Airways do have a decent entertainment system as well as the ability to charge your phone via USB. There were a decent selection of new release movies as well as a few old classics, some TV shows and quite a lot of International choice in various languages.

After gaining a good 6 hours solid sleep (I didn’t find the cabin too warm at all comparing to Etihad which I found too hot) and watched some more television before the breakfast service started around 90 mins prior to landing.

Breakfast was quite tasty with a decent offering. Coffee and drinks were offered at various intervals as well as hot towels after waking up and during the service.
The crew were really good throughout the entire flight, even remembering what sort of drinks I liked and how I took them which was a nice touch.

It was a comfortable trip (I really like this style of flat bed) and there was plenty of storage within the seat and it’s surrounds. I must make mention of the seat belt which is a bit like a harness and the crew do come around to ensure you are wearing it properly. There was plenty of give in it and didn’t bother me at all (even when sleeping). I didn’t feel any different on the A380 compared to other international legs as I was told I would. I still slept ok, my skin wasn’t any dryer than usual and I drank lots of water as I normally do. No alcohol on a flight is the number one rule for me!

Thai Airways have a decent product on the A380 (which was almost completely full on this leg). The return leg from Frankfurt had much better catering (almost like a completely different airline). The flight arrived into Frankfurt about 20 mins early and we had a 3 hour wait for our connection to Venice of which we were able to make use of the many Lufthansa lounges at FRA Airport.

Upon arrival it took us around an hour to get through the maze which is FRA (possibly the most sterile and boring airport in the world). It is confusing to know where to go (information desk wasn’t manned) but we got through and got to a lounge where I tried to have a shower (2 hour wait and about 50 names on the list!)

Would I recommend Thai? Yes. It is a good product (apart from the catering from BKK) and certainly can be found at very good prices if not using miles. The Lifemiles program still has plenty of availability with Thai Airways across various routes so chances are I may be back with them again soon.


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