Hotel Competitions. Fair?

As a regular Twitter and Facebook user and someone who spends a considerable amount of time on the Internet every day, I see more and more competitions being run by all the Hotel chains as well as other travel organisations.

Fair? I think not

A brief survey I carried out today, showed that 72% of the online competitions run by the major Hotel chains via their social networking platforms do not accept entries from Australia.
USA, England, Canada YES…but Australia NO! (I am sure I even saw Guam and Greece in the mix!)

While we here in Australia may not have as many travelers as countries like the USA, one thing is for sure….we spend a lot more money getting to our destinations!

So I think it’s only fair that they open up the competitions fair and square and include us in the running.
Yes Hilton…I’m talking to YOU! And to you also Starwood and Marriott! And the Four Seasons! Oh and Trump!

Facebook and Twitter is a worldwide medium….let’s keep it fair and not just include the U.S.A in everything that goes on.
Don’t we have to suffer enough with high airline prices, fuel taxes and 5 Star Hotels that are a sub standard 3?

Include Australia please! How else will I ever be able to win a stay at The Burj?!


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