Hotel Review: Embassy Suites Boston

I stayed here 7 years ago for 5 nights with a group of 15 people for work.

I knew nothing about Boston (apart from the Cheers Bar and the Redsox) and had not heard of the brand before the stay (it is owned by Hyatt)

There are no shops nearby or restaurants (quite close to the Airport) but we walked 1/2 hour one night and found a Subway (wouldn’t recommend walking with one person, but in a group we were ok)

The Best Things about this Hotel:

We arrived late at night, starving after a 24 hour flight. There were many take-out menus to choose from, we ordered the biggest servings of Chinese food ever from some place and they delivered to our room

Our room was fantastic!!! 6 seater boardroom table, big bed, spacious lounge, excellent bathroom with nutrogena products from memory, a sofa bed (very comfy) in the lounge. Prob around 80m2 (suite)

The buffet breakfast every day was sensational!!! Everything you could think of, including waffles, made to order omelettes and eggs etc Plenty of tables in the lovely eating area and fresh food constantly

Concierge were fantastic…always smiling and happy and genuinely interested in helping. The amount of times they drive us around Boston or picked us up in their shuttle was beyond the call of duty!

Pool area was nice, though it was indoor heated and a very strong chorine smell however, plenty of fresh towels etc

Fast lifts, possibly the fastest I have been in

Other info:

There is an ATM in the lobby area and always worked

There is a bar/lounge but had little atmosphere

Eating in the lounge is pricey and we didn’t order room service at all

Housekeeping was good, very clean and efficient

Reception was unfriendly and slow….why is that???

Fantastic business facilities with 4 broadband computers to use free of charge and a fax machine. I always found it easy to get on.

Soooooooooooo…….5 years later after the first stay, I stayed here again for 4 nights. During 5 years the hotel had rapidly declined. What went from being a great stay, then turned into feeling like a very tired Novotel.

Concierge and the Bell Boys were still amazing (remembered me from the previous stay!), but the room itself this time was VERY small (small lounge and bedroom), and the buffet didn’t have the made to order items any more and reduced serving times.

Generic bathroom products (no Neutrogena this time) and slow to clean the rooms.

Surprisingly though the bar action was hopping this time around, their restaurant was busier (and burgers quite tasty)

LOVE American cable television! Something always on and a novelty to see different commercials.

So all in all. 1st Stay Rating: 4 Stars
2nd Stay Rating: 2 1/2 Stars


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