Hotel Review: Paris Las Vegas

Paris Las Vegas is one of those hotels that you see in the movies, travel documentaries and brochures of sin city. You can’t help but break out into singing “Viva Las Vegas” when you arrive!

While planning a trip to the States a couple of years back, I narrowed down my 5 Star choice to Bellagio, MGM, Caesars Palace and here.

Paris won out. Why? At $79USD per night for a 3 night stay in a Studio room, it was too good a deal to pass up!

Paris is supposed to be just that. Paris, France. With its fake ceilings of the sky, french inspired cobblestone paths and the Eiffel tower, its quite a novelty and sits right in the middle of the Vegas Strip.

I arrived at the airport at 7am and after catching a shuttle, arrived at Paris at 9am.

First impression of the hotel was just ok….was taken in a side entrance so didn’t get a chance to see the front of the hotel (why would a hotel courtesy bus drive to a dodgy underground side entrance for tourists?? It didn’t even drive down the strip to get there! Not a good start.

Check in: A lot of people checking in and out when I arrived, as apparently Monday mornings are the busiest for the hotel. Spoke to a nice lady about getting me into my room early after an overnight flight. I said I would give her a tip if she could get me into my room early etc…told me to come back in around an hour. I did just that and she got me into my room at 10am, on the 28th floor, fantastic room overlooking Pool and Eiffel tower as well as the full view of the Bellagio fountains! I gave her $20 and she was happy with that! (Apparently this sort of tipping at Vegas Hotels is common to gain a better room type)

Room: It was room 2803 and I would recommend it, and at around 40m2 was decent size for one person and by American Standards. It was obviously a newer room with big plasma TV, otttoman in front of window, desk with coffee maker, a great big King bed and fluffy pillows. Decor was red and black, sleek without being tacky. Bath and Shower and fantastic lighting and magnifyng mirror. All in all very happy!
I saw a couple of the standard rooms and they were horrid. Nothing like my room…floral bed covers, tiny wardrobe and overlooking the hotel’s airconditioning units. For a 5 Star Hotel, I would be pretty annoyed to even pay $50 by Vegas standards for these rooms.

With so many choices on the strip, this is the one time you expect to get fantastic accommodation at a cheap rate. In hindsight now I wish I had of booked a suite as apparently they are sensational (I did ask for an upgrade, but wanted $250 more which I would have rather spent at the factory outlets at the time!)

The Bed: The pillows were soft and I remember dozing off during the day surrounded by fluffy pillows…bliss (why is it I can never find the same pillows for home?)

Unlike other 5 Stars out there, it still had the standard “Do not disturb” sign to manually hang on the door. I personally love to switch those signs to “please make up my room” when I see it on someones door! Naughty I know…

Room service: I ate in a couple of times (Burger, Eggs, Chocolate Cake) and found the food to be warm on both occasions, though the delivery time and hotel staff service was good. Price looked good until they add around $5 room service charge to it (plus the tip) and the conversion rate!

Pool area: HUGE pool area sitting underneath the Eiffel Tower. Fresh towels were always available and 5 lifeguards on duty which i thought was great for just a hotel pool. Waiters were hard to get when I was there and I paid $17 for a large Margarita!! I liked the pool area though, weather was hot but not so crowded. Saw Ballys pool on the monorail and it was tiny compared to Paris.

Food on site: Ate at the buffet once….heaps of choice, but i thought the desserts were horrible…basically just some cheese cakes and creme brulee which i ate. No fresh fruit at all which was disappointing. I didn’t go to any of the other eateries at all. Most of the other places were always busy and the food looked fresh.

Casino: I found the casino to be less crowded than Ballys (which is adjacent through a walkway) and the drinks were forthcoming as well as friendly attendants. I won a little on the slots as well as on roulette which was good. I signed up for Total rewards (their membership program) and got $28 off my hotel bill at the end. These types of programs are always good as they do sometimes have their benefits (upgrades, free drinks) There was little smoke around and i found it got much quieter after midnight which i liked.
Interesting at the tables you are expected to “tip” with a chip when you win on the roulette or blackjack…around $2 a time or more!

Staff Service: Paris is like a cattle call. Lines and people everywhere, never see the same staff twice.

There are plenty of gift shops and also the walkway to the Ballys casino and shops which is a very short stroll away. Elevators were always quick on my side, not sure about the opposite ones for the lower floors.

The fake french accents get on your nerves, “Bonjour thank you for calling reception” they should do away with it. I also found it amusing that a lot of the TV channels were in Spanish.

Checkout can be done via your room or in reception. They overcharged me on the mini bar which I had to get fixed.

Would I stay again?? No. I would try Wynn or The Venetian which looked AMAZING, and go when it isn’t so hot. (Around 45 degrees C every day)

5 Star Rating: About a 3


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